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New Direction

REJECTION = THE NEW DIRECTION So often the many rejections we experience in life is God’s way of changing the direction of our lives. Think about the many times the popular saying “when one door closes another door opens” has been applied to occurrences in your life. The job layoff Read more →

A Story Of Hope – Baby Cured of HIV

I call this a long awaited miracle! Although, It’s not quite a cure considering the same drugs currently used by HIV positive patients was simply administered to a newborn. This is definitely a step towards the right direction. Hang in there people… soon enough the bright light will be seen Read more →

New Look

Looks like someone took a break from the braids and big hair… I pressed my hair and put in a weave!! It’s been months since I’ve had these extensions… I had to do a double take when I walked past a mirror the other day. I like to call this Read more →

7 Mistakes Our Generation Must Avoid If We Do Not Want To Screw Up Nigeria Again – Okechukwu Ofili

The generator generation. We know who we are, we were birth with the sounds of generators vibrating consistently through our ears. We have smelled the pungent stench of diesel and felt the noxiousness of carbon monoxide as we run to switch off the generator under the loud chants of “NEPA has Read more →

Words Of Wisdom – Ladies Take Note

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Give Thanks In All Things

Many times we get so caught up with the affairs of life that we do not take the time out to thank the Lord. We forget that it’s by his grace that we are alive, are in good health, have a career and a place to call home. People Often Read more →

Keep Moving Forward

  Life will not wait for the wounded! Knowing and remembering this will save you a lot of headache in life. Do not allow the hurt of the past hinder you from achieving your full potential. Pick up the pieces and hit the road! The blame game gets old! …at some point, Read more →


Nurture kindness and all other good deeds and the outcome will be joy, smiles, laughs, and peace. Do not withhold good from those to whom it’s due especially when it’s in your power to act. Do what you can to help TODAY. The smallest kind gesture leaves a lasting impact. Read more →

Greetings From Palm Desert!

Happy President’s Day! I hope you are enjoying the long weekend. I am a few hours away from LA in the Palm Desert area soaking up the sun and giving my body the Vitamin D and rest that it needs. I took a break from my “rest” and hit the Read more →

Live To Thrive

  Image Source Live to thrive and not just to survive. Stir up your gift. Do not listen to the crowd’s negativity. Do not give up on your dreams. Do not allow the hurt of the past to limit your potential. Nurture and use your gift. Wake up each day Read more →

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