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Daily Archives: June 16, 2012

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Artist of the Day – Angel

Today’s featured artist is Angel. I randomly found him on youtube today. I typically set aside a few hours on Sunday to youtube. This is when I kick back, and browse the tube looking for interesting (funny, breathtaking, fresh, old) videos. I happen to have a laid back Saturday night, so here Read more →

Saturday in Marina Del Rey, CA

Omg!! I am completely Knackered. Started the day off at the dentist (AGAIN!) I am beginning to think I am being scammed because from the looks of things, I have a perfect set of teeth (wink).  Then Queen and I went to Bikram Yoga to punish our bodies. Queenine -as Read more →

Outfit of the Day – Librarian

Sorry I have been slacking on my posts lately. I’ve been uber busy at work and  extremely tired in the evenings.  Anyway, my nice friend from work took this picture of me on Friday during our quick lunch run to Mendocino Farms in Downtown LA.  You must try their Drunk Read more →

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