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Daily Archives: August 28, 2012

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Chris Brown Fortune – The Album Review

I am a tad late on this one. But before I proceed on the review, I have a liltle confession to make, It’s been over 3 years since I bought an album! Shame on me or should I say, Blame it on YouTube. So it speaks volume that I decided Read more →

Artist of the Day – Ester Dean

Who is Ester Dean? I first googled her name when I heard the single,¬†“Drop It Low”¬†featuring Chris Brown. I was blown away by the beat and the song’s arrangement (the song was/is a club banger). Ester Dean is a 26 years old singer, songwriter, and producer who resides in Los Read more →

Funny Clip of the Day – What Hip Hop Taught Me

Happy Tuesday loves… Hope you are are having a better day than I am… tssk, I had a rough night… am running on 2hrs of sleep (where the heck is my B12!). Anyway, here’s a funny video I thought to share with you. Please follow and like us:

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