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Daily Archives: December 10, 2012

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Happy Monday

Image Source Happy Monday y’all! I have been slacking on my blog posts (covers head in shame). However, I have a concrete reason. I AM UBER BUSY and partially overwhelmed… work, upcoming holiday, upcoming trip to Nigeria (always stressful! running “helter skelter” trying to buy gifts for the extended family Read more →

Dubai Chronicles – Day 6 (Historic Village/Shindagha/Museum)

On Day 6 of my stay in Dubai, Bee and I hit up the Dubai Historic Village and Museum. Here are a few pictures I could get off Bee’s iPhone as my iPhone was stolen and I didn’t get a chance to backup a few days prior. A couple shots Read more →

Producer/Songwriter of the Day – AmpAlert

AmpAlert is a songwriter and producer currently based in Boston, MA were he writes and produces songs and works with artists. A few months ago, I heard a couple of tracks he had written and produced. Truly impressed, I immediately reached out to him for a feature. I was ecstatic Read more →

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