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Daily Archives: February 28, 2014

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Now Listening: Moses Sumney

I first saw Moses Sumney perform last July at the “Celebration of Fela Kuti” at the Mayan Theatre in LA. He immediately won me over. His fashion style definitely caught my attention and so did his singing and amazing “beat/sound creation” (not beat boxing! It’s outta this world). Here are Read more →

It’s A Family Affair: The Burch Fashion Empire Expands

The stepdaughters of Tory Burch and daughters of Chris Burch have launched a fashion label, Trademark. Pookie and Louisa -came about the idea of starting their brand three years ago. “Our dad, Chris, and our stepmom, Tory, have a lot of experience and have a lot to offer, obviously,” said Read more →

Happy Friday

It’s that time of the week when all we nine to five (or seven to seven) folks let their hair down, let loose, and do the victory dance. Yes, you made it through the grueling week. Yes, you met the quota. Yes, you made an impact in the workplace. TGIF Read more →

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