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Daily Food for Thought – Blah

We’ve all been there. That unexplained feeling of indifference, lack of excitement, sadness, need for isolation etc. I call this the BLAH effect.

So I got home last Friday, and a friend asked how I was doing, and my response was “BLAH.” I just felt the need to be holed up in my apartment with no contact with the outside world. I knew for fact that I did not like how felt and how rapidly this blah seed was growing in me. So, I forcefully said to myself  “Eff this, I am going to make conscious efforts to get out of this funk and go about my weekend as I originally planned. Although this was hard to do, I persevered.

Fast forward two (trying) days, I can fully report that I am back to my normal self and had an awesome Saturday night and Sunday with friends and the BF!

The point I am making is that we need to always remember that our attitude determines the result. Let’s us not dwell on the known/unknown negatives in our lives but instead walk towards the path of happiness. We are in control of how we shape our lives and how prepared we are for change. There are many paths to happiness, so choose freely.

Refresh your mindset, think good thoughts, plan fun things, re-ignite the feeling of self-worth (treat yourself better!), and most importantly surround yourself with loving friends!

Need I say tonight was a blast and no longer do I feel BLAH.

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