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Half of a Yellow Sun

I read “Half of a Yellow  a while back, and I thought it was superb. The Author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie did a great job of painting the characters and Nigeria in the 1960s.

“The novel takes place in Nigeria during the Nigerian-Biafran War in 1967-1970. The effect of the war is shown through the dynamic relationships of four people’s lives ranging from high-ranking political figures, a professor, a British citizen, and a houseboy. After the British left Nigeria, the lives of the main characters drastically changed and were torn apart by the ensuing civil war and decisions in their personal life.” 

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the Nigerian early post-colonial lifestyle & Ibo culture, and for all my Ibo brothers and sisters who need to get a glimpse of the Biafran War and what our people had to endure and fight for! Igbo Kwenu!

Less I digress, I heard a while back that a movie on this book was in production with some bad ass Hollywood/British, and Nigerian actors. I am anxiously counting down to the movie release in 2013. Most importantly I get see my fourth imaginary husband, Chiwetel Ejoifor  in the movie. (In case you were wondering, husband #1 is anonymous, #2 is Chris Breezy, #3 is Ryan Gosling (this changes from time to time), and the list goes on…. ha ha I digressed again. 😉

Below is the first image from the film that just wrapped up in Nigeria, and pictures of few of the film’s cast.

Image Source -

Chiwetel Ejiofor - Odenigbo

Thandie Newton - Olanna

Anika Noni Rose - Kainene

John Boyega - Ukwu

Genevieve Nnaji - Ms. Adebayo

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One Thought on “Half of a Yellow Sun

  1. exciting! seriously one of my fav books! I bet the movie will be awesome

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