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Please Don’t Judge Me

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“Please Don’t Judge Me” happens to be one of my favorite sayings. It is sometimes my response when asked why I did something silly, or when I am about to do something abnormal, or say something that I shouldn’t… and even when strangers/fiends talk about me. The list on the various times this phrase is used is endless. “Please Don’t Judge Me” is the perfect disclaimer. 🙂

Imagine my excitement when I heard that my bf #2, Breezy had a song with this title on his Fortune album (yes! I’ve been living in a cave in the most rural part of my African village… Thanks to my friend, Toks I have seen the light). I seriously need to buy this album after I am done with this post (hides face in shame).

Here it is, Chris Brown singing “Please Don’t Judge Me” to the girl who he is in love with but cheated on while they where together BUT before he fell in love with her. Phew! Read that twice and you’ll understand what I just said.

Ha ha! Don’t judge me. (Next time I’ll write a proper “food for thought” on this topic… Today, It’s all about Chris Brown). Enjoy!

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