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Chris Brown Fortune – The Album Review

I am a tad late on this one. But before I proceed on the review, I have a liltle confession to make, It’s been over 3 years since I bought an album! Shame on me or should I say, Blame it on YouTube. So it speaks volume that I decided to acquire the asset Fortune album this past Monday. What can I say, It’s better late than never, and boy am I pleased.

Chris Brown never disappoints, the album left me with a range of emotions and asking for more! Chrissy pours out his heart in these songs, from the rap tunes to the dance/techno tunes to the baby-making tunes to the love ballards to dah-to dah!! I can go on y’all. 🙂

So, here are my top 5 6 songs (in no particular order) from his album –

  1. Don’t Judge Me– Honesty goes a long way and with a motto like “don’t judge me.” Life is definitely a breeze
  2. Biggest Fan – Chris sings about shagging his biggest fan. My oh My! This song leaves me speechless. I can’t say anymore as I fear my relationship will come to an end. ha! ha!
  3. 2012 – R&B at it’s best. Think 112’s, “Anywhere.” Definition of R&B = man expressing his love for woman. Go Harder Breezy (Chrissy)!
  4. Strip – You have all heard this on the radio a million times. Need I say more?
  5. Free Run – Something about this song makes me wanna cry. The last SECULAR song that made me cry was Kci n Jojo’s “inset song here” haha! I am not telling. “Free Run” is so pure… it’s a story of perseverance. In my opinion, words cannot adequately describe this song.
  6. Remember My Name– This song left me asking, who the heck is Sevyn??? well, according to Rap-Up she’s a former RichGirl member, who is signed to Chris Brown’s CBE Label. She is featured on 3 tracks on this album. This song, makes me wanna move my head from side to side, the beat reminds me of NSYNC’s No Strings Attached Album… you know, that bubblegum fun sound!!

Conclusion – Go buy the freaking album if you haven’t done so already! It is beyond amazing. Chic Haven gives it 5 stars.

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