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Favor – The True Catalyst for Success

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Kim Kardashian came out with a sex tape and gained success in the reality TV world, and paved the way for the Kardashian Sisters to endorse brands and start up their fashion line. Beautiful Shaniqua came out with a sex tape and gained notoriety in the hood with no success. Two college friends, Jeff and Bill graduated with the same degree, both intelligent and hardworking. Bill goes on to become the CEO of a Fortune 500 company while Jeff is stuck in a low-income nine to five job with lilttle room for career advancement. Why is Kim successful and not Shaniqua? Why is Jeff in a dead-end job? Why does Idris Alba get more jobs than Morris Chestnut… is Idris more hard working or good looking? Is Idris a better actor? or are they equally hard working and handsome?

It’s a known fact that the key to success is hard work. However, you and I know someone/people who work hard but never achieve the level of success that they deserve. Why is that?

Just like some chemical reactions need a catalyst, so do our careers and dreams. Sometimes hard work alone is not enough. In order to reach our desired goal or success level we need a little catalyst to speed up the process. This catalyst is favor.
Unmerited favor from above, favor from our peers, boss, friends, strangers… the list goes on. Favor provides the jumpstart and support we need. It leads to open doors and paves the way for greatness.

I am of the school of thought that one good turn deserves another. At some point in our lives we have been on the receiving end. Someone nominated you for a higher level position, signed you up for that breakthorugh acting role, gave you a chance when no one could, supported and nutured your dreams…Now it’s time for us to perform an act of generosity and goodwill, provide support and mentorship, and open doors for others.

Today, be the catalyst that propels someone’s dream and aspirations. Be the catalyst that leads to someone’s career advancement and success. It’s a cycle that begins with you.

Do someone a favor-Be favored-Be successful.

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One Thought on “Favor – The True Catalyst for Success

  1. June on September 8, 2012 at said:

    You are truly in my head? I have asked myself the same thing time and time again ? This is a very good piece Chi.

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