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Weight Loss Chronicles- Julia Kozerski

“Artist, Julia Kozerski lost 160lbs in over one year. Mrs. Kozerski who weighed 338lbs and was terrified of both cameras and her ‘morbidly obese’ title, decided to face her insecurities head on, chronicling the loss of half her body weight in a series of self-portraits.”

Her raw self-portraits, a series titled Half, ‘serve as reflections of her experience and address and explore her physically and emotionally painful, private struggles with food, obsession, self-control, and self-image.’


Here are a series of images, titled, “Half” showing Julia Kozerski in her bare state

Kudos to Julia on her amazing and successfully weight loss journey! I am currently on a weight loss journey (26lbs to go). I may document my progress with “naked artistic photos.” I reckon some of you randy readers may like that. JOKING!!

On a serious note, I am truly inspired. So wish me luck on my calorie-count diet. 🙂

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  1. Nyc transformation! Her skin is….

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