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The Wandering Mind


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The uncertainty of life and the uncertainties in life causes the mind to wander. We have all caught ourselves thinking about things that have happened, things that are about to happen or may not happen.

Most often when the mind wanders, the end result is unhappiness. People who like to set goals and plan to achieve them can relate to this as they sometimes spend hours pondering on the what-ifs and the possiblity of failure. Uncertainties can be discouraging. Discouragement leads to unhappiness.

According to Harvard researchers, Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert,

“…The ability to think about what is not happening is a cognitive achievement that comes at an emotional cost.”

Not to fret though. There is great comfort in knowing for a fact that a wandering mind isn’t a lost mind… We are all capable of bringing our minds back to the present.

Realizing that we cannot change the past nor fully control the future allows us to focus on the present…savor the moment, put in our very best, disregard the uncertainties in life and forge ahead regardless of the perceived circumstance(s).

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