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Palos Verdes Hiking Trail

I’ve been meaning to go hiking in Palos Verdes for about a month now… My dry cleaning guy told me about the trail… I had no clue that there was a decent trail in the area… (I was only aware of the trail by Terranea Resort)… Tssk Ignorance is not Bliss!

So, it just so happened that I fell on my ass on Saturday while walking to the beach in Oxnard (not cute I tell ya). I don’t know how it happened. One minute I was chatting with friends, the next I was kissing the pavement! Sadly, I sprained my wrist, which translated to no Bikram Yoga Class on Sunday… 🙁

Considering all I ate on Saturday (over the required 1220 Calories), I opted for a different form of exercise. I decided to go hiking. Oh was I thrilled…

It was a great hike… The decline was pretty easy and unnoticeable… I could have gone for miles… but was reminded of the time. On the return, I was shocked by how trying the incline was… It was mildly steep, but boy! did my thighs burn!! I woke up this morning with a sore bum. It feels GOOD though!

Here as some pictures from my hike… Check it out If you live in the LA area. It’s down Crenshaw Blvd (South) where it dead ends.







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