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Meet Noni Zondi – Africa’s Very Own Nicki Minaj

Move over Nicki! Noni is the hottest black African Barbie in the game. 🙂

Noni Zondi is a South African Rapper/Singer/Model who resides in the UK.  She spits bars and makes the men (and girls) drool! Check out her provocative video “Come Get It,” where she talks about her African Booty. I am all smiles…maybe it’s because I have a girl crush, or maybe it’s because I really like the song (who the heck knows te-he)… Noni Zondi exudes an incredible high level of confidence…After watching this video I contemplated getting a booty/hips/thigh implant and a stomach fat liposuction… lolz (jokes).


I must say though, she reminds me more of Lil’ Kim, the Ol’ Gee of divalicious Hip-Hop…

Noni performing at the HMV Apollo

Image via Tumblr

Image via Tumblr

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