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The Rose Bowl Flea Market Experience

Here are some pictures from my visit to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena this past Sunday. The Flea Market is open to vendors and buyers the 2nd Sunday of Every Month. It was my first time there… and I could not contain my excitement… From awesome vintage to contemporary clothing, antique to modern/innovative furniture, vintage shoes, bags, and accessories…

Here are some pics (taken by Kerin) from my day… I bought some cool clothes (which I’ll share in future outfit posts), and some furniture for my bedroom.

These innovative pieces really caught my attention

Huh? A lamp...

A fire Hydrant... No, It's a High Table

ce qui est censé être présent - A Pool Table?

et cela?

Queen Chee and Queen made and appearance… lol

We even got a lil’ taste of Africa and Iran

Beads For Days

Not sure what this represents...

Persian Rugs

Is this what I think it is?

A Pink Old School Refrigerator

Here’s what I scored

Cindy Laskowski Glass Lamps - White

Cindy Laskowski Glass Lamps - White and Silver

and two of these French Style Night Stands…

After a long day of walking and bargaining… we ended up here 🙂

Persian Princess' oops I meant tio say African Queens

That’s all Folks!!

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