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Unleash The Fierceness – Tiger Head (Dubai Chronicles – Day 2)

I am sure you are wondering where the heck are the pictures from “Dubai Chronicles Day 1″… lolz. Don’t fret my dear, they will be posted… I am yet to sort the pictures from my trip. Some pictures were taken on my friend’s iPhone (and my bloody iPhone was stolen!!!… hoping all my pics are backed up on iCloud). Anyway,  I have to combine all of em… I am busy with work and partially lazy so the order of things may be off.  Please bear with me :))

My brain is totally toast, hence I do not remember what I did on this day in Dubai. I reckon it involved some sightseeing and dining… 🙂 All I know is I unleashed the tigress within! 🙂

Check out some room shots before the girls and I hit the town. wink


Bee and I

Kyra and I

I love this shot!

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