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Friday Night w/Ms. Hill and Nas


I decided to be spontaneous on Friday. My brother and wife and sis-in-law (sister to my sister in law lol) are in town from Nigeria and London respectively and were in dire need of some Friday Night fun activity… Going to a bar/club was ruled out (personally I think LA clubs are overrated). I looked at comedy club options… Surfed LA Weekly online, and voila!!! The Nas and Lauryn Hill concert popped up for November 30th and December 1st. After searching for tickets for the SOLD OUT show on the web for 2hrs!!! I got lucky and found four tickets for Friday!!!

Without writing a summary on how awesome the show was… I’ll describe it as best as I can :

1. Nas is still the greatest rapper alive. Hands down!!!!

2. Lauryn Hill almost put me to tears. As soon as she began to perform, I forgot I was a bit upset that she took forever to hit the stage. This woman is an epitome of greatness! Beautiful, Wise and Extremely Talented! I was in total awe. She performed most of her old hits, and a new single titled “Black Rage”… (WHERE CAN I FIND HER SWEATER)… Loved her outfit but I doubt I can pull off those pants with my knock knees. Lol

Unfortunately the video files are too large for download/upload. Luckily, I found some videos on YouTube… Hope they suffice. Enjoy!

Lauryn Hill – “Killing Me Softly”

Lauryn Hill – “Black Rage”

Lauryn Hill – “Ex-Factor”

Nas – “Bye Baby” (Dedicated to his ex-wife Kelis)

Here are some pictures from the concert. Jite and I bought Lauryn Hill T-Shirts from some outside vendors, and wore them right away! Haha… Everyone loves Lauryn (and Nas too). I am pretty sure that by now you’ve deduced that I was at the concert to see Lauryn.





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