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Producer/Songwriter of the Day – AmpAlert

AmpAlert is a songwriter and producer currently based in Boston, MA were he writes and produces songs and works with artists. A few months ago, I heard a couple of tracks he had written and produced. Truly impressed, I immediately reached out to him for a feature.

I was ecstatic when I heard back from him. I happen to know AmpAlert from my youthful days in Miami…back then, AmpAlert was heavily involved in music (he played a couple of instruments and handled some A/V work).

When Chic Haven asked, “What inspires his song writing,” AmpAlert replied by saying “… my songs are off of my life experiences, experiences of friends, concepts I’ve creatively thought about which I felt could be used as metaphors to describe relationships that everyone can relate to.”

As a producer, the sounds/beats he produces are an expression of life – “[It’s called] life music, and my music is my interpretation of sounds and draws on pieces of everything I heard coming up. I think everything you’ve heard kind of subconsciously makes it way into my own interpretation of music.”


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