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Dubai Chronicles – Day 6 (Historic Village/Shindagha/Museum)

On Day 6 of my stay in Dubai, Bee and I hit up the Dubai Historic Village and Museum. Here are a few pictures I could get off Bee’s iPhone as my iPhone was stolen and I didn’t get a chance to backup a few days prior.

A couple shots @ hotel before heading out 🙂

Away we go!… Check out their beautiful Metro Station

Wall Art

Wall Art

…And we made it

Not so random... we sighted a Camel

Hightlight of the Day – Here’s where we met the nicest lady in all of Dubai. We bought a couple Jewelries from her, and she made be a special bracelet (as a gift)… She called Bee and I her daughters. She’s one of the few women who still reside in the village which has stayed true to it’s historic look.

Decisions Decisons

That's the winner!

I am a sucker for all things green!

The Workstation

Special Production - My bracelet

and there’s more

Bee & I, "The Local Celebrities"

Someone was trying to save her iPhone battery life, hence I wasn’t able to take pictures at the museum *Kissed teeth*

That’s all for now. Day 1 and 5 post to follow. 🙂

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