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Girl Crush: Naomi Campbell


I officially have a girl fitness crush for 2013. She goes by the name, “Naomi, Naomi Campbell” (mimicking James Bond) lol

So, I am proud to announce I have lost a 28lbs since September last year, and I am now 10-15lbs from my desired weight. Can I hear a yippie?!!

Here are a few pictures I found on the web of my fitness crush that I have contemplated enlarging and putting up in my apartment… No joke! A body like this takes a lot of dedication and hardwork. So, I have re-enrolled for my Bikram Yoga Class, and randomly signed on for Hot8Yoga’s unlimited intro special … and I plan on taking a 24 Hour Fitness Zumba class once a week, and I intend to complete nine Cardio Barre classes before the end of March. Wish me luck guys…my blogging time will definitely be cut short…. Tssk tssk…a banging body doesn’t come easy y’all.





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