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Rihanna Monday – The LBD vs. The LRD


So, King Beyonce killed it at the Super Bowl yesterday… and so did Rihanna at the Greystone Manor Nightclub. She stepped out looking absolutely stunning in a simple yet sexy red dress… She was also spotted last week rocking an LBD with a pair of geeky frames…and to think that I almost gave out my rihanna-esque LBD. Sheesh!, I put that sucker in the dryer so it could shrink to fit my new size (haha! I just had to throw that in there).

Does she look skinnier or what? Me likey!



What’s your fave? The Little Black Dress or The Little Red Dress… Would you rock a LBD with a pair on converse?  I say, Heck Yea!! She makes fabulousity seem so effortless.


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