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Give Thanks In All Things

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Many times we get so caught up with the affairs of life that we do not take the time out to thank the Lord.

We forget that it’s by his grace that we are alive, are in good health, have a career and a place to call home.

People Often say to me, “Chee you are so calm, you never seem to worry about anything or stress out…” It’s simply because I have come to realize that the only thing in life that should bring about concern (I hate to use the word worry) is our HEALTH. Everything else is secondary.

The moment you realize this, your life will never be the same… Trouble at work? Trouble in the relationship? Worry over the underachievement of a goal -weight-loss, career advancement, etc- will seem minuscule if you were faced with a life-threatening illness, or are bedridden, or injured due to an accident, or just plain ol’ ill.

Each and everyday I thank the Lord for his blessings in my life… Although sometimes I may focus on the “don’t-haves” in my life, I quickly remind myself of where I have been and where I am today… I remind myself of the many obstacles that God has brought me through… I remind myself of my yearly medical reports that indicate excellent health (not to be taken for granted)… I remind myself of how fortunate I am to be surrounded by my family and a few good friends… I remind myself of God’s grace and how by HIS grace I have overcome every trying moment in my life.

Today, I thank the Lord for the life of my closest friend and sister. I thank the Lord for seeing her through the difficult times in her life, I thank the Lord for the smiles and Joy HE has placed in her life over the years. I thank the Lord for placing rooting her in my life… Even though she lies on the hospital bed today battling an illness right,  I choose NOT TO WORRY because I strongly believe that the Lord will heal her. I am thankful that she will be a testimony of  the Lord’s grace and healing power. I am thankful that he will yet again bring a smile to her face and that of her family… I am thankful that her health is fully restored.



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