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New Look

Looks like someone took a break from the braids and big hair…


I pressed my hair and put in a weave!! It’s been months since I’ve had these extensions… I had to do a double take when I walked past a mirror the other day.

I like to call this the “Naomi-Chee” do. Yes! I am obsessed with Naomi Campbell… cheek bones and body that is. I haven’t paid so much attention to know if she’s cultivated a better attitude. She’s bagged a rich Russian though, and I hear she has a show which empowers upcoming models… Not bad eh?

Less I digress (I am seriously beginning to think I need an adderall prescription)



You like?

The hair is from HisandHer Hair. It’s called French Refined… It can be styled either straight or wet-n-wavy.

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2 Thoughts on “New Look

  1. GN on March 6, 2013 at said:

    & u said u were never gon use heat on ya hair again, huh?!?

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