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New Direction



So often the many rejections we experience in life is God’s way of changing the direction of our lives.

Think about the many times the popular saying “when one door closes another door opens” has been applied to occurrences in your life. The job layoff that led to a higher paying job (that’s my testimony), the flight you were told you couldn’t board because you were X seconds late (and you were saved from a crash), the friends who rejected you and said you would amount to nothing (but here you are, a great success), the husband who cheated and lied, and left you in despair with a lack of self-worth (but somehow you found yourself, and a new love)…The list is endless…

Turn the negative to a positive… A bad situation into a good one. Rejection can reset your mindset and lead you in the right path towards making better decisions in your life.

Don’t dwell on the hurt of rejection

In the spirit of gratitude… Continue to thank Lord even for the rejections you have experienced. Be rest assured that a new direction and clear path is being laid.

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