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I am here to report some progress on my weight loss journey. It’s been 5 months since I renewed my mindset towards my way of eating and exercise… I cut back on buying lunch everyday, cooked my meals, cut back on the frequent happy hours (went 2 months alcohol free… Now it’s limited to a drink or two once a week), increased my hot yoga (Bikram yoga) sessions and began jump-roping more frequently at home.

At my heaviest I was about 180lbs in late September 2012. Goodness gracious! I know that’s a lot considering I am only 5’7.5″… It’s late march and I can gladly report that I currently weigh between 148lbs – 151lbs. Yep, I lost 30lbs.

Hard work and persistence works I tell ya! Some months were more difficult that others… Thanks to the many Instagram fitness inspiring/motivating profiles that kept me in check…

Being the fashionista that I am (…pats back continuously…lol) I feel it’s important to always look chic even when working out and soaked in sweat. 🙂

Here are some looks from my various workouts (hiking/jogging in Rancho Mirage)





Shoes of choice are the Asics Gel running shoes as the provide great support for the flat-foot African 🙂

Leggings (various colors) can be found at your local Forever 21, or Cotton On store.

Yoga Pants can be purchased at your local Victoria Secret or Lululemon Store

Always wear fun colors!! They seem to keep me motivated… Perhaps they’ll have the same effect on you.

I have 10lbs to lose to get to my desired weight… Summer is near (wink).

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