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Daily Food For Thought – “Death”

So while my friends and I listened to Joel Osteen yesterday, he brought up some important points that got us thinking… The message was about events in our lives that leave us dumbfounded and searching for answers. Hopefully the piece below will resonate with you regardless of your religious orientation.

At some point in our lives, we or someone we know has experienced: The death of a marriage, the death of a career, the death of a relationship, or even the death of a dream. These occurrences leave us with two responses, 1. I don’t understand why this happened, or 2. God has a plan….or sometimes a combination of both responses.

It is perfectly normal not to have an answer to everything or completely understand why certain things happen. Why a marriage fails after 25 years, why an innocent child is killed by a drunk driver, why a close family member or friend is diagnosed with cancer, why someone loses their job after working endless hours for 20yrs, why a dream is killed due to a bad investment or discouraging friends… The list goes on.

As difficult as it may be, it is however important to be courageous when facing death, even though we may not understand the reason why it has knocked on our door. Death is no respecter of persons. Hence, dwelling on the “why/why-me” will do you no good. Pick up the pieces and believe that God indeed has a plan for you. Each and every situation or location you find yourself in is leading you towards a greater purpose.

Although you may not see it when you are down in the valley… your experiences are and will be a testimony to others and a true manifestation of your inner strength when you become victorious and step up to the mountain.

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2 Thoughts on “Daily Food For Thought – “Death”

  1. Inspiring…I’m glad I read this post this morning

  2. June on May 31, 2012 at said:

    This is really uplifting and encouraging. Thanks for this post.

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