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So this past Saturday I attended the SoCal Harvest Crusade with Greg Laurie. It was a great experience. In addition to the awesome sermon about “Change”, there were some great performances by Christian Bands/Musicians I had never heard about.  Phil Wickham, Flyleaf and for King & Country rocked the stadium!

for King and Country struck a cord. The message in their songs was very empowering and resonated with me. I instantly downloaded their album, Crave while the performance was going on. Need I say, all 11 tracks have been on constant replay. I listen to Crave on my drive to/fro work and at the Gym. Yes!! you read right, I said Gym… the are a christain rock band and some of the tracks will have you bobbing your head and jumping up and down. 🙂

Just like I was, I am sure some of you are curious and wondering who the heck is “for King & Country.” Well my friend, let me enlighten you:

The band is made up of two brothers, Joel and Luke.  Born in Sydney, Australia, their family relocated to Nashville, TN in the 90s. Joel and Luke remember music being a constant presence in their life. Growing up in a large family of seven kids, the siblings began their creative experimentation early on, soaking up life experiences that would influence their musical future. They happen to have a famous sister, Rebecca St. James. 

The group’s strengths are showcased not only through their voices, but their name as well. The name, ‘for KING & COUNTRY,’ was decided on after several attempts to find a name that appropriately encompasses who they are as musicians as well as their passionate personalities.

“While working on our debut record, I came up with the idea of calling us ‘All the Kings Men,’ but it just didn’t fit exactly with what we were looking for,” said Luke. “We were in the studio with our producer and he said, ‘what about for king and country?’ The history of that phrase is that back in the olden days, the British would go into battle shouting, chanting, ‘For King and Country,’ sort of as an anthem of fighting for something that they believed wholeheartedly in. We all looked at each other in the studio and we just knew that was it.”




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