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Lose To Win


Today’s food for thought is inspired by a song by Fantasia I heard moments ago titled, “Lose To Win”. Although the song is about a relationship gone wrong, there was a strong underlying message that resonated with me.

Sometimes our fear of losing holds us back from wining.
Sometimes we have to lose to win (again).
Quit worrying about the unknown; not finding something or someone better.
Sometimes remaining in a stagnant situation isn’t the best option.
Do not allow fear rule your life and hinder your progress.
Every LOSS is an opportunity to WIN again.
Every LOSS is a lesson learnt and with that comes an opportunity to reset your mindset and TRY again.
Complacency, comfort, and endless excuses are our worst enemies.
Quit convincing yourself that the mediocre career, unpleasant relationship is the best you deserve.
“If your loss makes you cry, then cry cry cry!
All you have to do is try try try!
Because we lose to win again.”
Next time you experience a loss or are faced with the decision to accept a loss, do so willingly.
You deserve better, the grass will be greener* on the other side.

* The grass is greener if and only if you are not the main cause of your issues. Self evaluation is the first step. A troubled soul will continue to be just that regardless of where they are or how many times they decide in change their circle or attempt to advance their life endeavors. This is definitely a topic for another day.

Check out the incredible Fantasia!

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