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Happy Monday!

Wow! It’s been a while since I posted anything on the blog. A lot has happened in the past 6 months (which I’ll share in upcoming posts). I am glad to be back blogging part-time.

I’ll start off by saying Happy New Year!!! Hope you all are sticking to the new year resolutions?…. I have no resolutions this year!! I have decided to continue with my old ways. Lol j/k… Well, not quite. I didn’t make a list of things to change or achieve; but simply continue to strive or maintain the goals I made a couple years ago. My life goal is to love like Christ did… This may sound like a “Holier-than-thou” expression but it’s not. This goal transcends into various aspects of my life – my career- work relationships, relationships with family, friends, and strangers, not passing judgement on things that are different from my views or the society norms, develop empathy, etc. It’s been a challenge but each day I am getting closer. Oh! and there’s that goal to achieve my ideal body while loving myself in the process. I call it the “Naomi- Chi” body transformation. Haha!! Yes, I said it. Naomi Campbell is my fitspiration.

Lest I digress, as this is a “Food for Thought” post. I was in Palm Desert, CA this past weekend and had the opportunity to attend Southwest Community Church. Pastor Gerald Sharon’s sermon on Generosity made an impact in my heart. Thus, the basis of today’s food for thought.

See Below:


Let’s all begin this week with the right attitude and decide to give a helping hand to at least two people. Giving does not have to be monetary. Giving our time, support, or just listening to someone in need makes a positive impact.



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