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TV Addiction – Gidi Culture

I just watched the very first episode of Gidi (Nigeria) Culture – All Roads. Gidi Culture is a partial representation of the day-to-day lives of the Nigerian youth. In this first episode, we get a glimpse of the lifestyle of the rich kid living on the Island, the struggling graduate -trying to make ends meet, and the typical Naija play boy – with too much “wash wash”.

The lingo and lifestyle portrayed in this series definitely makes me miss home (Nigeria)! Without much hesitation, I subscribed to the show’s YouTube Channel. I am totally hooked on “Gidi Culture” and looking forward to watching more episodes.

The series features Nigerian actors Toni Tones, Seun Kentebe, Kiki Omeili and Seun Ajayi.

Here is a brief synopsis:
“Halima Dan-Ladi Adebayo, is a naïve upper class Nigerian who is in graduate school abroad. When a critical accident occurs in her New York City apartment, Halima’s divorced Mother, Mariam Dan-Ladi, asks her to return home. Through six degrees of separation, Halima is introduced to characters and practices that she once ignored and often never knew existed.”

Check out theEP-1, All Roads:

What are your thoughts? Are you hooked? If so, subscribe to the Gidi Culture YouTube channel to stay up to date with new episodes.


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