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Beauty of the Day – Jubilee Gamaniel

Miss Jubilee Gamaniel is an actress, model, director philanthropist and a business woman. She is the young CEO of an independent production company, Paradigm Pictures International, Inc. which has produced over 10 films since its creation in 2012.
In 2011 Jubilee migrated to Los Angeles from her home country Nigeria to attend the New York Film Academy (NYFA), where she graduated with a master’s in filmmaking. She went on to work on different film productions, until the opportunity to represent her country Nigeria at the Queen of the Universe Pageant presented itself. This northern Nigeria beauty gracefully took on that responsibility of flawlessly representing her country at the 2013 Queen of the Universe Pageant in Los Angeles.

This international beauty pageant was found by Joyce Giraud in 2012. The pageant aims at providing an equal opportunity to women from all around the world be it single, married, divorced or women bearing children; so that they can represent their countries in the search for the “Most Beautiful Woman in the Universe. Jubilee indeed, was the perfect match for winning the pageant, which is why she won the award of “Miss Elegance”.
Jubilee is a hardworking and dedicated woman and is also a strong advocate for women rights. She has worked with several organizations to assist women across the globe that face several problems in life. Currently she is working on her own charity called “PURPLE LOVE”, to help assist young women who are struggling with abusive homes, marriages or being deprived of an education.

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