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Artist of the Day – P Square

I’ll give you a lil’ introduction on the group, P Square… It’s a two-man group that comprises of two Ibo Nigerian brothers, Peter and Paul. Hence, the name “p-to the power 2” haha! I love math.

Less I digress, these boys hit the Nigerian music scene in 2003, and exploded to the internationalAfrican scene shortly after. In 2011, they signed on to Konvict Music (Akon’s Label), opening the door to a wider international audience. The featured song is “Beautiful Onyinye” which means “God’s Gift,” featuring the one and only Rick Ross.

I like the song, I love the video (fine ibo boys), but I can’t help but notice that the so-called Onyinye girl is Hispanic (or somn), definitely not Ibo… I am not trying to steer up anything, but they should have used an Ibo looking senorita. Do you concur?


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2 Thoughts on “Artist of the Day – P Square

  1. PrettiLadybug on June 14, 2012 at said:

    At the risk of getting way too deep!!!…totally in agreement with your final sentiment. The problem is…we are so quick to forget our culture whilst embracing the West!!..Historical fact if you ask me.
    Nonetheless….very handsome duo!!

  2. June on June 12, 2012 at said:

    I love me some P Square 🙂

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