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Chris Brown Fortune – The Album Review

I am a tad late on this one. But before I proceed on the review, I have a liltle confession to make, It’s been over 3 years since I bought an album! Shame on me or should I say, Blame it on YouTube. So it speaks volume that I decided Read more →

Please Don’t Judge Me

Image Source “Please Don’t Judge Me” happens to be one of my favorite sayings. It is sometimes my response when asked why I did something silly, or when I am about to do something abnormal, or say something that I shouldn’t… and even when strangers/fiends talk about me. The list Read more →

BET Awards 2012 – Chris Brown

Happy Monday Y’all (It’s 12:00am in LA) I just watched the BET Awards. I haven’t watched an award show in about 2 years (no reason in particular). I believe  it is necessary to give honor when honor is due.  BET did just that!  Breezy, a.k.a The Prince of R&B a.k.a Read more →

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