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Happy Friday

It’s that time of the week when all we nine to five (or seven to seven) folks let their hair down, let loose, and do the victory dance. Yes, you made it through the grueling week. Yes, you met the quota. Yes, you made an impact in the workplace. TGIF Read more →

Chic Fitness – Exercise Apparel

I am here to report some progress on my weight loss journey. It’s been 5 months since I renewed my mindset towards my way of eating and exercise… I cut back on buying lunch everyday, cooked my meals, cut back on the frequent happy hours (went 2 months alcohol free… Read more →

Weekend Shenanigans – I Really Heart My Zara Biker Jacket

Here’s an outfit from this weekend. Went out for Hookah Night in Hollywood, CA with my lovers. Notice I am rocking my Zara jacket again. I must say it’s currently the favorite item in my closet. Blouse – CottonOn Polka Dot Skirt – CottonOn Wedge Bootie – Steve Madden (a Read more →

Outfit of the Day – Catch The Wind

Here’s what I am wearing today. Folake, Queen, and I are out car shopping. Folake is having a hard time deciding on what to get… Dress – Cotton On, shoes and shorts are a couple years old. Please follow and like us:

Outfit of the Day – Old School

This is what I wore yesterday to work. It started off as one of those Blah days… It ended well though… I attended a company luncheon, did a little thrift shopping therapy. Shopping always help me get out of my funk. I will share my buys later. All items purchased Read more →

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