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Minnie Mouse Swag

Happy Monday! I just had to share these pictures from last night – Live Reggae at the Lighthouse Cafe in Hermosa Beach. Miriam (pictured), cracked a joke that I looked like Minnie Mouse… Lolz. So we decided to goof around. What are your thoughts on my Disney Inspired look? Pardon Read more →

Hermosa Beach Shenanigans

It’s Friday!!! Thanks to the person or people who decided when a standard work week should end. Well, I refused to wait until Friday to a great fun. 🙂 … Okay, truth be told, I had to pump myself up to go out on Wednesday night as it was my Read more →

Wednesday Night @ Hermosa Pier

My friend, Faith is visiting from Miami. She has  been in LA since Saturday. This is partly why I haven’t had so much time to blog in the evenings after work (I am busy entertaining). We decided to stay local last night and hit up the Hermosa Beach Pier for a night of good Read more →

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