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When In Rome…

Style Crush, Solange Knowles attended/performed at the Armory Party Last Night.  The Armory Show is the largest Art Fair in New York City… As the saying goes, “when in Rome do as the Romans do.” Solange’s outfit had an artsy-60’s-yet modern flare to it. She  wore a grey mini skirt Read more →

Hit or Miss

Solange was spotted wearing this get up at the premiere of her sister, Beyonce’s Documentary “Life Is But A Dream.” What are your thoughts on this “nano-mini” shirt dress and blazer? I like it… Would have loved it if it were 5 inches longer. Did I mention her hair is Read more →

Solange is Chic in “Losing You” Video

I just watched the recently released video for “Losing You” by Solange Knowles. I was highly impressed. I replayed the damn video over and over again… on the first watch, I payed no attention to the song. I however payed CLOSE attention to the clothes worn by her and all the other peeps in Read more →

Chic Couple – Solange Knowles & Alan Ferguson

So who knew Solange Knowles was in a relationship… I must be really stale with my celebrity gossip because I just found out yesterday while I watched the BET Awards and Alan thanked the “love of his life, Solange.” Interesting… apparently they have been an item for over 3 years Read more →

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